Sunday, 3 February 2013

More of my Science/Outdoor Learning display

In my last post I showed you my Science display that we had just started. I have put our Science work and Outdoor Learning work together so this is everything we've been doing in one space.

My class have all planted their own bean plants which you can see in this picture. Each child also has their own bean diary where they can record what happens to their plant. I'm using the templates made by Twinkl which can be found here. 
Preview: Bean Plant Diary Writing Frames

We do Outdoor Learning every week in my class and it's a great opportunity for the children to explore the outdoors. It also links perfectly with our Science topic. In our lessons so far we've done a scavenger hunt of different natural materials, created snow master pieces with food colouring in water and made some amazing story sticks which you can see below. Each child was given a stick and was then asked to attach to it things that they found on their journey around the school. This task encouraged children to find different natural materials but also involved a lot of fine motor skill work and problem solving.
The finished products look great and the children are really proud of what they made.

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