Useful Resources

Here you can find useful EYFS resources made by me and from elsewhere on the internet.


The new EYFS framework

Twinkl  - Some lovely resources for the different learning areas, behaviour management and classroom management.

TES resources  - I'm sure you've all used TES but I couldn't make a list of useful webpages without including it!

Babcock LDP  - Some really useful EYFS resources including Learning Journey resources and guidance.

My resources


Early Learning Goals 2012 - I made this document as a quick reference guide to the learning goals from the new framework.

'Back to school' bag tag  - Tags for a 'back to school' bag. I give these bags to my class so that they can fill them with things that say something about themselves over the summer.

Sticker chart  - A sticker chart with 16 spaces to fill.


'Ourselves' mind map - A mind map of activities that could be carried out for the topic 'ourselves'.

Weekly plan template - A template that has a section for spontaneous planning based on children's interests.

Continuous Provision 2012 - Continuous provision for different areas in an EYFS classroom. Includes key vocabulary/questions, links to development matters, things to look for and more.

Autumn weekly overview - A weekly overview of the autumn term.

Knowledge and Understanding

Scavenger Hunt - A simple scavenger hunt checklist (two per page). This is quite specific for my school but it is easy to edit.

Physical Development

Change4Life activity cards - Cards that give you some activity ideas for Take Ten or Brain Breaks.


  1. Hi, I was looking for a continuous provision planning template for my class and came across your blog. Unfortunately when I click on your links that page says that the resources have been removed. I have been searching for some great looking templates for ages, do you still have them?
    Sophie x

  2. Ooo! Thanks for letting me know! I'm on it now. x

  3. Hi there, I was directed to your site for planning templates too but they say they are removed again....I realise this was posted years ago but if you're able to put them back on line, that would be great, thank you!